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Mental Health Provider

Boston, MA, US

About Boston Community Pediatrics

Boston Community Pediatrics (BCP) is starting a movement to change the way healthcare is delivered to all children, regardless of income. Join us!

BCP is a nonprofit pediatric private practice, the first of its kind in Massachusetts. Its mission is to bring equity to pediatric healthcare by offering underserved patients direct access to their primary care provider through traditional medical office visits, telemedicine, and mobile medical services while providing comprehensive, prevention-oriented healthcare, care navigation services, and integrated behavioral health services.

About the Mental Health Provider

As a Mental Health Provider at Boston Community Pediatrics, your primary responsibility is to provide comprehensive mental health services to children and adolescents. You will work closely with pediatric providers and other healthcare professionals to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions and promote overall well-being in pediatric patients. Your role involves conducting initial intake evaluations, offering therapeutic interventions (both short-term and long-term), collaborating with the interdisciplinary team, and providing appropriate referrals as needed. Your work will involve addressing psychological, emotional, developmental, and behavioral concerns, while being sensitive to the unique cultural factors that may impact the patients well-being. It will also be a part of standard care to work collaboratively with caregivers, providers, school personnel, and other involved agencies to ensure that the patient is supported holistically.


Key Responsibilities:

1. Assessment and Diagnosis:

  • Conduct thorough strengths-based mental health assessments and intakes using standardized tools and clinical interviews to evaluate the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning of pediatric patients.

  • Formulate accurate diagnostic impressions and develop treatment plans based on assessment findings in collaboration with patient, caregivers and natural supports and pediatric providers.

2. Therapeutic Interventions:

  • Provide evidence-based individual and group therapy to pediatric patients, addressing a range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, behavioral disorders, and developmental issues. There will also be opportunities to engage caregivers and key family members in the session as needed and appropriate. 

  • Interventions will be either short-term or long-term depending on the established needs and goals for the patient and family. 

  • Utilize various therapeutic modalities tailored to the unique needs of each child or adolescent.


3. Collaboration and Consultation:

  • Work collaboratively with pediatric providers, other mental health providers, care navigators, and other healthcare professionals within the pediatric practice to ensure integrated care and a holistic approach to patients' mental health.

  • Offer information to the healthcare team regarding mental health concerns, treatment planning, and appropriate interventions for patients with complex needs.

  • Participate in bi-weekly high-risk rounds with the interdisciplinary team at BCP to discuss complex cases in order to come up with care plans and to explore additional resources and supports needed for the patient and/or family.

  • Participate in bi-weekly mental health group supervision to discuss cases.


4. Documentation and Record-Keeping:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date electronic health records, documenting assessment findings, treatment plans, progress notes, patient and family communication, and any pertinent information related to patients' mental health services.

  • Adhere to legal and ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality, consent, and privacy of patient information.

  • Support the mental health team in maintaining a mental health registry of all the patients in the practice with a mental health diagnosis, and what interventions or supports they are currently receiving.

5. Referrals and Care Coordination:

  • Identify the need for additional specialized services and make appropriate referrals to external mental health providers, psychiatrists, school mental health providers, psychologists, or community resources when necessary.

  • Facilitate care coordination and follow-up with external providers to ensure continuity of care and optimal treatment outcomes.


  • LICSW License Required

  • Spanish language is highly preferred

  • Must be able to work one evening per week and rotating Saturdays. 

  • Experience working with children and teens from diverse populations and cultural backgrounds for at
    least 3+ years. 

  • Ability to create and tailor treatment and safety plans for patients

  • Understanding of cultural factors that may impact mental health and the ability to integrate cultural competence into clinical practice.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to engage effectively with pediatric patients, their families, and interdisciplinary teams.

  • Ability to work collaboratively and maintain professional boundaries while providing culturally sensitive care.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail for documentation, clinical assessments, and record-keeping purposes.

  • Adherence to ethical guidelines, confidentiality, and professional standards.


BCP offers a supportive work environment, competitive salary, and full benefits package. We are seeking an experienced, energetic, and positive addition to the team who is passionate about our mission and building interpersonal relationships. BCP is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity of all kinds in every aspect of our organization and we are committed to co-creating a workplace where everyone feels heard, valued, and respected.


Interested candidates should apply below or send their resume and a cover letter to Renee Garand at

Location: On-Site, 527 Albany St. Boston, MA 02118

Job: Mental Health Clinician

Organization: Boston Community Pediatrics

Schedule: Full-time

Compensation: $75,000-$80,000 dependent on experience and licensure

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