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BCP Newsletter: Spring 2024

As usual, we have been busy here at BCP during the first quarter of the year! As spring finally arrives, we are thrilled to share our latest updates. Settling into our new space has allowed BCP to expand our services with onsite dental care in partnership with BU Dental and a bigger and better BCP Nutritious cooking class. We are looking ahead to summer by signing kids up for amazing summer camps while simultaneously planning our own summer programming, which will once again offer daily activities for patients throughout the summer. BCP is always navigating the latest healthcare challenges. Currently, that includes taking care of newly arrived migrant children and their families and navigating the complex housing and utility landscape with patients. As always, our dedicated team makes all of the work we do possible, and we are so grateful for their commitment to this work and the entire BCP community.


The BCP team


There is always something exciting going on at BCP! Read the full newsletter to learn more.


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