Programs & Services


Boston Community Pediatrics believes that every child deserves access to comprehensive relationship-driven healthcare. 

BCP is a new model of innovative pediatric healthcare that addresses the social determinants of health within a relationship-driven framework. Our approach is simple: to provide low-income families with the high-quality medical care they deserve, and set them on a path toward health and wellness.

Where We Are


Medical Office

BCP will have a medical office that will serve as the home base for the organization, and where pediatric patients will be able to receive primary care, truly integrated mental health services, case management, pediatric wellness support, and many other resources all under one roof. This type of comprehensive care is vital to ensuring that a child’s direct healthcare needs, along with the social determinants that underlie health, are all being addressed together.



Patients will have direct access to their provider at any time through the use of telehealth. Patients and families will be able to text and email providers, talk to providers on the phone, or conduct video visits with them. Telehealth is particularly advantageous for families of low-income. Time away from work to care for a sick child and wait for a doctor’s visit leads to lost vital income and potentially less food on the table. Direct, timely, and virtual physician access will reduce barriers to care, allow for faster returns to work and school, and avoidance of costly emergency room visits.


Mobile Medical Unit

BCP’s objective is that care remains consistent and families do not have to make significant personal and financial sacrifices in order to make appointments. The mobile medical unit will meet patients directly in their neighborhoods and communities to provide care. The primary goal of the initiative is to deliver the same high-quality, comprehensive and coordinated care “on the road” as BCP does in its brick-and-mortar office, so that children and families can have the same quality of care without having to deal with transportation and accessibility concerns. This improved access will likely lead to increased rates of both well child visits and childhood vaccinations, which have fallen precipitously since the onset of COVID-19. The mobile medical unit will also enable us to leverage existing community partnerships (such as Room to Grow and About Fresh/Fresh Truck) and make new connections across sectors. We will be able to expand our reach by collaborating with organizations, and together provide a wide array of medical and social services while delivering essentials items such as food, clothing, and diapers. Importantly, it will also allow us to aid in COVID-19 testing and tracing and vaccine delivery when available among communities most at-risk.

Our Programs & Services


Primary Care

BCP medical providers have over 50 years of combined medical experience and have trained at some of the best pediatric programs in the country. BCP providers don’t just offer the full spectrum of primary care services - which include well child exams, immunizations, sports physicals, and sick visits. They also go above and beyond, getting to know each and every patient, creating strong and lasting bonds with families that will last for years to come.


Integrated Behavioral Health

Boston Community Pediatrics is fully aware of the paucity of mental health resources for all families, but especially those with limited resources and the highest burden of emotional stress. Integrating behavioral health providers as part of the foundation of the pediatric team, Boston Community Pediatrics will tailor interventions for high risk and rising risk patients, employing frequent touches and early behavioral health coaching.


Care Navigation

As an independent practice, Boston Community Pediatrics will have the capacity to leverage community relationships and partnerships to help families navigate the often impenetrable health care system. Community Health Workers will be available to link patients with community resources that they might not otherwise have been able to access such as early childcare centers, food resources, housing opportunities, afterschool programs, special education services, and pediatric medical specialists. Boston Community Pediatrics will address gaps in care and improve access to timely medical care while also focusing on social determinants of health as the foundation of excellent care for all patients.


Pediatric Wellness Program

The Pediatric Wellness Program will provide fitness and wellness support to patients with a special focus on those who are overweight or obese. Services will include nutrition, fitness, lifestyle counseling, and access to after-school programming, cooking classes, gym scholarships and healthy foods, some of which will be provided on-site by Boston Community Pediatric staff and volunteers. The program will also focus on self-esteem building through a variety of wellness activities for youth and teens and community collaborations that promote health and wellness for children and families together. Lastly, the program will support innovative programs for younger children, such as well child group visits and breastfeeding support programs.