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Programs & Services


Boston Community Pediatrics believes that every child deserves access to comprehensive relationship-driven healthcare. 

BCP is a new model of innovative pediatric healthcare that addresses the social determinants of health within a relationship-driven framework. Our approach is simple: to provide low-income families with the high-quality medical care they deserve, and set them on a path toward health and wellness.

Where We Are


Medical Office

BCP has a medical office which serves as the home base for the organization, and where pediatric patients receive primary care, truly integrated behavioral health services, case management, pediatric wellness support, and many other resources all under one roof. This type of comprehensive care is vital to ensuring that a child’s direct healthcare needs, along with the social determinants that underlie health, are all being addressed together.



Our patients have direct access to their provider through the use of telehealth. Patients and families use text and email to contact their providers, talk to providers on the phone, or conduct video visits with them. Telehealth is particularly advantageous for families with low income, as time away from work to care for a sick child and wait for a doctor’s visit can lead to lost vital income and potentially less food on the table. Direct, timely, and virtual physician access reduces barriers to care, allows for faster returns to work and school, and helps to avoid costly emergency room visits.


Hyperlocal Community Initiative

Through our Hyperlocal Community Initiative (HCI), BCP partners with community based organizations to  unify disconnected social services and dismantle practices that negatively affect health outcomes. BCP is deeply committed to community based care, and meeting our patients where they are - both literally and figuratively. We have committed financial resources as well as human capital to creating long term, formal relationships between medical experts and community based organizations looking for health and wellness expertise. BCP’s HCI helps to shift entrenched power dynamics through active listening and shared decision making in the creation of health and wellness programs.

Our Programs & Services


Primary Care

BCP medical providers have over 50 years of combined medical experience and have trained at some of the best pediatric programs in the country. A typical visit at BCP includes at least 30-60 minutes of time with an experienced, well-trained physician. It also includes additional resources delivered in a dignified manner: groceries, a hygiene kit, diapers and wipes, menstrual products, and age-appropriate books.


Integrated Behavioral Health

Boston Community Pediatrics is fully aware of the paucity of mental health resources for all families, but especially those with limited resources and the highest burden of emotional stress. BCP’s groundbreaking integrated behavioral health program, includes coordination of services between clinicians, in-house therapists, behavioral health check-ins during well child visits, and the services of a consulting child and adolescent psychiatrist.


Care Navigation

BCP’s commitment to providing collaborative and coordinated care extends to its Care Navigation and Wellness department. Wellness and Care Navigation staff are on-site and integrated to provide comprehensive, relationship-driven care navigation including assisting families with the social determinants of health, such as housing and food insecurity, childcare, WIC and SNAP applications and utility support. BCP has increased its capacity to provide assistance to our patient families by partnering with more than 20 mission-aligned, community based organizations.


Pediatric Wellness Program

Knowing how critical out-of-school time activities are for all children, BCP is dedicated to providing these types of opportunities to our patients. BCP hosts myriad virtual after school programs, including cooking classes, dance, a reading group and yoga, as well as our own Girl’s on the Run group! In addition, we have an innovative tutoring program for patients struggling with remote learning. BCP’s cooking class is very popular and not only promotes healthy eating with fruits and vegetables, but it promotes family engagement whereby after our patients take part in the class, the children get to serve dinner to their family. We’re also proud to offer groups for new parents and infants. BCP’s Group Well Child Program reduces social isolation, addresses SDOH needs through care navigation support, addresses mental health concerns with support from a licensed mental health clinician, and encourages the formation of healthy parent-child relationships by bringing new mothers and their babies together for monthly group well child visits. Referrals can be easily made to social support services such as WIC, food stamps, transportation services, as well as speciality care and community partners if necessary. In the space of one visit, mother/baby dyads can be seen by providers, mental health clinicians, and care navigators to receive services critical to keeping their babies healthy.

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