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Together we are creating a movement to change the way healthcare is delivered to all children.

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Your generous gift allows BCP to continue to bring equity to pediatrics healthcare in Boston. Thank you!

Join BCP's Sustainers' Circle

BCP's Sustainers' Circle is a community of multi-year donors committed to pediatric health equity.

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane..."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Learn about how Boston Community Pediatrics will use your donation

Boston Community Pediatrics is a 501c3 organization which will provide excellent medical care to all pediatric patients. Due to the great disparity in reimbursement between MassHealth and private insurers, along with its mission to address the social determinants of health through case management, pediatric wellness and integrated mental health services, Boston Community Pediatrics requires ongoing philanthropic support for annual operations.
BCP’s average insurance reimbursement for a medical visit is $120, however the true cost is around $333. In the past year, BCP’s costs to provide its fully comprehensive, integrated care averaged $2,700 per patient over a year and private philanthropy played a critical role in supplementing the costs not covered by insurance. BCP is shifting the paradigm of the way healthcare is delivered to patients with low-income and simply could not do this important work without your support. 
Over the next year, BCP will increase both the breadth and depth of its services by expanding to a second floor at 527 Albany Street. From the outset, the goal of BCP’s flagship office on Albany Street was to create the first nonprofit pediatric private practice in Massachusetts which could be used as a model for replication across the state and potentially the country. Growing to a full 5,000 square foot facility will give BCP a sense of what footprint is needed to fully serve approximately 1500 patients on-site annually, while ensuring that BCP has adequate space for its integrated behavioral health model, integrated care navigation and wellness support, as well as space needed to provide community programming such as a weekly cooking class, all of which help to close the disparities often seen between children from communities with low-income and their more affluent peers. 

In order to ensure BCP’s continued growth and success, we will be inviting donors to consider joining our Sustainers’ Circle with a three-year pledge. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, or if you’d like more information on multi-year giving opportunities.
Thank you for your support of Boston Community Pediatrics. This is truly a community effort and we are so grateful for your support!

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