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 Bringing Equity  to Pediatric Healthcare

All of Boston’s children deserve to be healthy – not just those whose parents can afford it.


Boston Community Pediatrics (BCP) the first nonprofit, pediatric private practice of its kind in Massachusetts.

Our mission is to bring equity to pediatric healthcare by giving all patients - particularly those on MassHealth - direct access to their primary care provider, as well as to comprehensive prevention-oriented medical care, case management services, and integrated behavioral health services. This is the kind of healthcare that shifts health disparities between patients with low-income and their more affluent peers. This is the kind of healthcare that improves health outcomes and lives, and this is the kind of healthcare BCP provides to every patient - regardless of income or insurance status. Not only are we proving that integrated, relationship-centered healthcare works, but we are proving that it actually works better! All patients receive the kind of personalized care previously only available to those with private insurance. We know that parents and caregivers are experts in their own children. We leverage our asset-based, relationship-driven approach to improve health outcomes, and lower health care costs for all pediatric patients, regardless of socioeconomic status or background.

Our Approach


Medical Office

 In our medical office, patients receive primary care, truly integrated mental health services, case management, pediatric wellness support, and many other resources, all under one roof.



Patients and families are able to text and email providers, talk to providers on the phone, or conduct video visits with them.


Hyperlocal Community Initiative

BCP knows in order to best meet communities’ needs, health and wellness must be integrated directly into local services and so BCP’s Hyperlocal Community Initiative (HCI) works with community organizations, such as early childcare centers, after-school programs, and low-income housing communities to provide healthcare and mental health support to both the clients and the organizations.

Our Services

Integrated Behavioral Health
Pediatric Wellness
Care Navigation
Primary Care

All children deserve access to  exceptional  pediatric care.

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